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Scott Siegel, Ed.D.                                                            Lori Mariani
District Suprintendent                                                     Principal                                 


Dear Families,                                                                                          August 2016


Welcome to the 16-17 school year!  I hope your summer was full of quality family time and relaxation!  Looking back on last school year, we accomplished many things.  Every student in the school was given an individual tablet or Chromebook for instructional purposes.  Our TK/K students started school on a full day program.  In addition, we continued to offer a wide variety of mental health services to meet the needs of all of our students. (social skills, group counseling, individual counseling, Nurtured Heart, Etc.)  We also hired additional staff to provide intervention services in classes during the school day.  Furthermore, we continued to increase the music and arts appreciation programs at the elementary levels.  Lastly, we continued to offer an after school intramural sports program during ASES.  All of these additional services were made possible through LCAP funding and parent and community input on how to spend our additional funding to best serve our students. 


I am excited to say that this year we are fortunate to be in a position in Ceres Unified to continue to receive this funding.  Again through an extensive input process, the district has prioritized how best to spend these funds on your students.  Therefore, you will be seeing some exciting new developments ahead.  To let you in on a few of the upcoming changes, as you may have already heard, ALL students will be receiving Chromebooks this year, no tablets.  Through trial and error this past year, we found out that there were many issues with the tablets.  Think of these devices as the students’ textbooks.  Each student will also be receiving a carrying bag, headphones, and a charging cord.  The device and all accessories are free of charge.  However, parents will have the option of purchasing insurance on the device for a rate of $10.00 per student for the entire school year.  More information will follow on the insurance option.  In addition, we will be increasing the music and arts appreciation programs again. 


Lastly, I truly enjoy working with all of the students and families.  I also strongly believe that La Rosa has an amazing teaching and support staff that is dedicated to bringing out the greatness in each and every child.  Please be sure to communicate on a regular basis with your child’s teacher to stay informed about your child’s progress.  It is a joint responsibility.  Together we can reach our common goal for your child to succeed and reach his/her full potential.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school or make an appointment to come in and see me.  I enjoy meeting families and value your input and support.  For more information, visit our La Rosa Elementary Facebook Page.


Partners in Education,

Lori Mariani


Lori Mariani, Principal




School begins Tuesday, August 9th.

Student class assignments will be posted after 5 PM on Monday, August 8th outside the La Rosa cafeteria.

SCHOOL HOURS (Grades 1-6) 8:20 A.M. – 2:35 P.M.

(Grades TK/K) 8:20 A.M. – 2:25 P.M.

Breakfast begins at 7:50 A.M. and ends at 8:10 A.M. Students who are not eating breakfast may arrive at school no earlier than 8:00 A.M. Supervision will be provided on the playground starting at 8:00 A.M. The buses leave La Rosa School at 3:05 P.M. Bus riders are supervised from 2:35 to 3:05 P.M. All other students, not involved in school activities, leave at 2:35 P.M. Bus route information will be published in the Ceres Courier and posted at the site. For transportation questions, please call 556-1595. A packet of information will be sent home the first week of school in our gold “Parent-Teacher Communicator Folders.” Other important information will be reviewed at Back to School Night on Thursday, August 25th at 6:00 P.M. in the La Rosa cafeteria. See you there!